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Whistleblower attorneys are a special breed. They need to be because whistleblowers are among the most courageous of defendants. At the Utah Whistleblower Hotline, we believe our clients deserve the utmost protection available to them under the law. From the moment you contact the Utah Whistleblower Hotline, your communications to us are held in the strictest confidence and protected by attorney-client privilege, which prohibits any and all disclosure of attorney/client communications.

We invite you to learn more about us and our motivation for pursuing whistleblower cases and to review the backgrounds of our team of experienced whistleblower attorneys.

Utah Whistleblower Attorneys

Karra Porter

Sarah E. Spencer

Stephen D. Kelson

Mary C. Corporon

If you have information or evidence about fraud or misconduct being perpetrated, you should act immediately to protect your possible reward and your rights. Contact our whistleblower lawyers at the Utah Whistleblower Hotline immediately by email or by calling (801) 323-5000 for a FREE evaluation of your potential case.