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Looking for information on whistleblowing? These federal government agencies have provided some general information on whistleblower laws and regulations.

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False Claims Act: A Primer

An overview of the False Claims Act


Whistleblower Enforcement Protection Act of 2012

Text of WEPA 2012


Commodity whistleblower incentives and protection

Text of Commodity Whistleblower Incentives and
Protection under codified at 7 U.S.C. § 26


U.S. Department of Justice

Information on DOJ efforts to prevent and remedy fraud


U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Office of the Inspector General

Links to Compliance Program Guidance documents


Links to the texts of existing state false claims acts


U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

Website for SEC Whistleblower Office


U.S. Commodities Future Trading Commission

Link to website for CFTC Whistleblower Office


Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force

Website for coalition of government agencies formed to combat fraud


U.S. Internal Revenue Service Whistleblower Office

Website for IRS whistleblower program


National Association of Attorneys General

Links to the websites of all of the state attorneys general who enforce their states’ false claims acts


U.S. Government Accountability Office

Website for federal agency tasked with reporting on how government spends taxpayer dollars


U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Website for OSHA’s Office of the Whistleblower Protection Program