Utah Whistleblower Hotline

How We Help

Fraud costs the United States government and the State of Utah hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Common types of fraud include:

Medicaid and Medicare fraud, such as miscoding medical procedures or billing for services not rendered

Government contractor fraud, such as misrepresenting or abusing Small Business Administration 8(a) status, providing defective materials, or submitting false claims

  • Pharmaceutical fraud, including billing for unauthorized off-label use
  • Securities fraud
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Tax fraud

To help combat this growing problem, many federal and state laws exist to encourage whistleblowers to disclose unethical or illegal behavior. These statutes not only protect whistleblowers from retaliation but in many instances, they also provide financial rewards for coming forward.

Navigating these laws can be tricky – for example, under some laws, if you go public, you lose your claim. If you fail to notify certain government officials before filing a lawsuit, you lose your claim. If you wait too long and someone else files first, you lose your claim.

What if the government brings criminal charges for corporate fraud and includes an employee because he did not blow the whistle?  We defend corporate officers and employees, LLC members, and others in white-collar cases.

We can help. The Utah Whistleblower Hotline operated by Christensen & Jensen can tell you – in strict confidence – if you have a case, and what you should do next.